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Reality vs. Myths of Online RN to BSN Programs

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Looking around the internet these days it can become discouraging for a RN that is looking to complete a RN to BSN program through an online college. So many articles and so many discussion groups are filled with negative viewpoints concerning the advantages of continuing a nursing education online. To make things simple, here are a few myths that are commonly found on the internet followed by what is true in reality.

Myth: They say that the classes are online, but I am going to have to travel to take tests or to complete labs for classes like chemistry.

True Reality: There are a few programs that require students to travel to “student centers” to take proctored exams. However, with the right amount of research this can be avoided. There are online programs that do not have this requirement. There are even some online programs that for lab classes will send all the lab equipment needed to a student’s house so that the course can be completed without traveling.

Myth: All online RN to BSN programs basically consist of reading books and taking tests.

True Reality: While there is reading of books and other materials required with most all online programs that does not have to be the entire learning experience. There are online schools that provide streaming video and MP3 lectures to provide information in addition to textbooks. Streaming videos of lectures from the instructors is the cutting edge of online learning, and should be a requirement for a student searching for an online education.

Myth: Instructors for online RN to BSN programs are not as experienced or knowledgeable as the instructors that students who attend programs on campus experience.

True Reality: Admittedly there are some online programs in which the instructors that are assigned to the class have limited credentials to be instruction nurses at a college degree level program. This is another area in which being very selective of the program a student selects is very important. There are online RS to BSN programs in which the faculty are the same instructors that are available to the on campus students.  Note that this is one reason to select an online program that is sponsored by a college that is based from a traditional campus university.

Myth: Students do not have enough time in which to complete work necessary to complete a class or a degree program.

True Reality: With some online programs there is a sort of blind dumping of coursework heaped onto unsuspecting students, and before a student knows what happened they are so far behind that there seems to be no way in which to catch up. This problem is resolved by attending a campus based school’s online degree program. Traditional schools and their instructors are used to providing syllabus materials on the first day of class. These outlines of the course will detail each requirement and the dates in which they will be due. This will help online students take advantage of the 24/7 nature of an online program.

And the number one myth:

Myth: RN to BSN programs that are online is not as effective as traditional campus programs.

True Reality: To begin, as with any class, college, or degree program a student will only get out of it what they put in. Even at a campus BSN program if a student wants to get by with some memorization or limited work that student can finish the program and not be any more prepared for a nursing career than they were when they started.  Additionally if a student looking for a RN to BSN program selects properly they will select a program that expect and provides the exact same instructors and materials that the campus student gets. Instead of going to a lecture hall the online student will watch streaming video of the lecture. If the content being provided to the online student is the same as the campus student, then the online student has the exact same opportunity to lean as the campus student.


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