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Nurses Unions Can Improve Patients Lives

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It is just nice to see that not all elected officials are at war with the unions. In some places elected officials are not scared to negotiate with people that when banded together actually have a real voice.
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Malloy meets with Backus nurses

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy met with several nurses from Backus Hospital about their efforts to form a new union at Backus Hospital.

According to Eric Bailey, spokesman for AFT Connecticut, the labor organization working with the nurses, Malloy was supportive of the idea and said he supports the right of workers to form a union.

Cassie Kury, a registered nurse with Connecticut Convenient Care, was able to speak with the mayor at the meeting, and also at his town hall meeting at City Hall.

“It was really great to meet the governor and hear about his family connection with nursing,” Kury said. “ I really felt like he understood us.”

Lesa Hanson, another nurse said meeting with the governor helped me understand that decisions that affect a patient happen in the board room and at the capitol.

“By forming a union we will have a voice in all of those places,” she said


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