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These are excerpts from a post that talks about an article that has been posted recently. There is room for a discussion about how RN’s and other nurses should step up to assert themselves in their working places to not only improve their careers but also in the end their patients experiences.
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Surveys show that a significant number of staff nurses feel powerless in their jobs and are unable to act autonomously or even speak up about concerns or suggestions. This feeling of powerlessness creates job dissatisfaction, stress and burnout and can lead to ineffective nursing that compromises patient safety or the nurse’s role as patient advocate.

-Why nurses must speak up
-How to build leadership skills at any level
-How to start effecting change at the bedside

-Why education plays a significant role

Most importantly, Dr. Garner says nurses should become facilitators of change by not only learning how to address other nurses and managers, but also other valuable multi-disciplinary care team members such as physicians, administration, finance, IT and pharmacists.

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March 17, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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