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Nursing education is an ongoing process. Even if you’re enrolled in a nursing school, your learning should extend beyond the classroom. You can stay tuned in to nursing any time by just following these Twitter feeds for nursing students.


Follow along in the nursing school experience with these nursing student Twitter feeds.

  1. @CTStudentNurse: Irene is a soon to be nursing student.
  2. @Kat_SN: Kat is a nursing student from North Carolina.
  3. @MyRoadtoRN: Be nice to Hope-she might be your nurse someday.
  4. @NurseKarma: @NurseKarma is a mom, wife, and nursing student.
  5. @HeatherErhard: Heather is going to school for nursing and works at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Information & Resources

Check out these Twitter feeds to find nursing information and resources.

  1. @nursingideas: @nursingideas has ideas and passion for improving nursing.
  2. @Ausmed: @Ausmed shares health care education and learning tools for nurses.
  3. @nursingbooks: @nursingbooks highlights the best nursing books out there.
  4. @minoritynurse: @minoritynurse has career, education, and health resources for diversity in the nursing community.
  5. @diseaseaday: Learn about a new disease every day on @diseaseaday.
  6. @DermNursing: This institute is an educational forum for nursing practice and patient care.
  7. @NurseJobsUSA: Read this feed to find fresh nursing job listings.
  8. @freenursetutor: @freenursetutor has free educational tools for nursing students and instructors.
  9. @InformedNurse: This is the Twitter page for the RN Pocket Guide.
  10. @druginfo: This community shares drug related questions and stories anonymously.


Learn from these nurses on the front lines.

  1. @Emergiblog: Kim McAllister discusses emergency nursing.
  2. @linda_miner: Linda is a nutritionist and wellness guide.
  3. @GeekNurse: This engineer turned into a psych RN.
  4. @JennaMahanayRN: Jenna tweets about nursing, health, and more.
  5. @podmedic: Jamie Davis is an RN paramedic, educator, podcaster, and speaker.
  6. @Nicurnmama: Laura somehow manages to juggle being a NICU nurse with motherhood.
  7. @TeriRN: Teri specializes in hospice travel nursing.
  8. @ernursek: Nurse K is your friendly neighborhood ER nurse…who is also critical.
  9. @mrsmc: This nurse likes bourbon.
  10. @interponurse: This nurse works in healthcare information technology.
  11. @marandalee: @marandalee is a SuperNurse.
  12. @PMRN: @PMRN is a PM and RN.
  13. @KenBBavier: Ken is a critical care RN and Duke alum.
  14. @crzegrl15: Here you’ll read about the life of a flight nurse and Commander in the US Army Reserve.
  15. @NurseForHealth: Suzan is bringing back the DO NO HARM philosophy of medicine.
  16. @ChristianNurse: @ChristianNurse points out news and resources for Christian nurses and more.
  17. @nursemidwife: Angel is a Certified Nurse Midwife specializing in health and wellness.
  18. @karlaRN: Karla is an RN, mom, and grandma.
  19. @shototsu: Alicia left IT to become a nurse.
  20. @impactednurse: Ian Miller works in the ER of a teaching hospital in Australia.
  21. @nursepickle: @nursepickle offers her perspective on nursing.
  22. @NurseDan: Dan Weberg is an ER nurse with a masters in healthcare innovation.
  23. @humglum: @humglum works as a prison nurse.


Get the official word from these organizations and institutions.

  1. @NurseJanIAm: Jan is an oncology RN working for the California Nurses Association.
  2. @happyhospitalis: Explore a happy hospital through this Twitter feed.
  3. @NIHforHealth: Read this feed for updates from the NIH.
  4. @NationalNurses: @NationalNurses has tweets from National Nurses United.
  5. @mayoclinic: Find news, articles, and more from the Mayo Clinic.
  6. @aorn: @aorn offers tweets from the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses.
  7. @whonews: Find out about pandemics, outbreaks, and world health from the World Health Organization.
  8. @MedSurgNurses: Follow the AMSN for adult health and medical surgical nurses.
  9. @FutureofNursing: @FutureofNursing discusses solutions for improving quality and patient care.
  10. @NotesOnNursing: @NotesOnNursing offers the Hartford Foundation’s look on health and medical issues for older adults.
  11. @AmerMedicalAssn: Check out the AMA’s tweets about the latest health issues.
  12. @AmbCareNursing: Follow the AAACN for tweets about excellence in ambulatory care.
  13. @MedicalConnect: Read tweets from the Worldwide Medical Association here.
  14. @RedCross: Find safety tips and more from the American Red Cross.
  15. @connectedhealth: @connected health works on delivering quality patient care outside of the traditional medical setting.
  16. @ANNAnurses: ANNA advances nephrology nursing practice.
  17. @LIVESTRONGCEO: Doug Ulman is the President and CEO of Livestrong.
  18. @WebMD_Blogs: WebMD shares a variety of health information.

Fun & Community

Experience the lighter side of nursing in these feeds.

  1. @FunnyNurse: Here you’ll find a humor magazine for nurses.
  2. @nurseuncut: Nurse Uncut is a site for nurses, by nurses.
  3. @allnurses: This nursing community has more than 416,000 nurses connected.
  4. @WhatNursesDo: Read this feed to find out what nurses do.
  5. @medxcentral: @medxcentral is a healthcare social networking service.
  6. @NursesDailyDose: Read this Twitter feed to find funny nursing anecdotes.


Check out these Twitter feeds to learn about health care reform.

  1. @2healthguru: Gregg Masters is a health system reformer.
  2. @michlr: Michael Rosseel became a nurse to change healthcare through care redesign and e-learning.

Health & Nursing News

Find health and nursing news on these Twitter feeds.

  1. @NYTimesHealth: Find warnings, vaccines, and other health articles from the New York Times.
  2. @health: Follow @health for news from Health News Blog.
  3. @msnbc_health: Find health headlines from MSNBC.
  4. @HealthHive: @HealthHive has live health news.
  5. @AmJnurs: You’ll find relevant articles for nurses on the American Journal of Nursing tweets.
  6. @WebMD: Find valuable health information from @WebMD.
  7. @DiscHealthPR: Discovery Health offers links and discussions on health topics.
  8. @medlineplus4you: Medline Plus has the latest news and information on health and medicine.
  9. @goodhealth: @goodhealth features Health Magazine.
  10. @digg_health: See what’s popular in health news from @digg_health.
  11. @NEJM: Read tweets from the New England Journal of Medicine.
  12. @AmerNurse2day: American Nurse Today is the official journal of the American Nurses Association.
  13. @NursingTimes: Read this feed about news and opinions from Nursing Times.
  14. @NPRhealth: Check out this Twitter feed for the latest health news.
  15. @CDCemergency: Get prepared for and respond to national public emergencies with @CDCemergency.
  16. @WSJHealthBlog: This blog offers an excellent source for health and healthcare news.
  17. @WorldwideHealth: @WorldwideHealth is an alternative medicine and health hub.
  18. @cnnhealth: Find the latest health headlines here.

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