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While most of the time the primary information available on this blog concerns the world of healthcare and education there has been a decision made in regards to topics covered on this site. That decision is to from time to time post a brief recommendation for readers to look into other blogs that might write about a wide range of topics. That new direction starts today.

Foodie Blog










The first blog that is to be mentioned is called Live.Breathe.Taste. A blog written by Alexa Leigh a self described eclectic, passionate, impatient and classy foodie. For those foodies that are interested in finding a passionate blog with interesting postings on all things life and food you should take some time and visit Alexa’s Blog at:

For example a new post with a recipe for Seafood Pasta the reader is walked through the preparation of a typical dinner prepared by Alexa. Included with the posting is a number if pictures that allows the reader to see what they should be expecting each step of the way.

While this blog is relatively new in that Alexa has been publishing only since January of 2011 I am convinced that for those that give this blog a chance they will be very happy to have gotten in on the ground floor.


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July 29, 2011 at 2:31 pm

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