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Free Guest Post Writing Service Available

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Guest Articles for you to Publish for Free

I have had guest content published on over 50 different blogs and websites. I can have 100% new never before published content written for your site as well. The turn around for this content averages about one week. If your site is Google page ranked 4 or higher I can have new content available within a much shorter period of time if needed to meet a deadline.

Here are some of the topics in which I can provide free guest post content:

  1. General Nursing
  2. Nursing Career Topics
  3. Nursing School
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Healthcare
  6. Hospitals
  7. Insurance
  8. HMO
  9. Diet
  10. Exercise

In exchange for providing this content all I ask is that I get a link or two to whichever site I request. All of my sites are about healthcare, nursing, or education. There are no bad neighborhood sites that I associate with. This non-bad-neighborhood rule is a two way street. I do not provide content for websites that promote or link to porn, gambling, or any other “low rent” domains.

To contact me for free content to be published on your site please e-mail me at:


Remove the dashes, and change the “at” with @, and the word “dot” with an actual dot (.). Sorry to make it a pain to email me, but previously I got killed with spam.


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  1. […] and would like to have some free content provided for you please make sure to contact me. My guest post writing usually only takes a couple of business days to get […]

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